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Sunstar opens new ambulance hub in Clearwater

New location provides better access to north Pinellas County and decreases costs.

Sunstar Paramedics, the ambulance service provider for Pinellas County, has opened a new ambulance hub at 2608 Enterprise Road in Clearwater. Its strategic location will provide better access to northern Pinellas County and help Sunstar Paramedics save on fuel costs.

The north hub is one of two locations that Sunstar Paramedics operates in addition to its Largo headquarters. The hub locations are strategically located to help keep emergency response vehicles positioned around the county to excel in emergency response times, and this new location places emergency response crews closer to main roads and access points.

“Placing the hub closer to U.S. 19 and in a more centrally located helps Sunstar Paramedics’ EMTs and paramedics respond to emergencies faster,” said John Peterson, chief administrative officer for Sunstar Paramedics. “This location was very attractive once we learned that new emergency rooms were being built in the area.”

Sunstar Paramedics’ priority posting model strategically positions ambulances around the county instead of having an ambulance return to the hub between calls. Its priority posting model helps provide efficient emergency response times and saves money

Sunstar Paramedics is required to meet performance benchmarks, including arriving at an emergency anywhere in Pinellas County in less than 10 minutes at least 91 percent of the time. Sunstar Paramedics has consistently met or exceeded performance expectations over the last 11 years.

“A more centralized location for the north hub enhances our overall deployment for our 81 ambulances in Pinellas County,” said Mark Postma, chief operating officer of Sunstar Paramedics. “The new hub also improves our operational efficiencies.”

With its priority posting model, the ambulances don’t drive back to the Largo headquarters after each shift, which helps Sunstar Paramedics save on fuel costs, and limits wear and tear on the ambulances.

The 15,000-square-foot building – which replaces the previous hub location near U.S. Route 19 Alternate and Klosterman Road – has six offices for supervisors and two lounges for classes, employee breaks and shift meetings. Since moving into the building, Sunstar has completed extensive renovations and landscaping. The space is twice as large as the previous hub and Sunstar Paramedics will add one or two ambulances to its north County service.