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FirstCare Membership Savings Program

About Sunstar FirstCare Membership

The Sunstar FirstCare Ambulance Membership Plan is not an insurance plan. It is a Pinellas County government program that works with an individual’s (or families) insurance plan to cover 100 percent of expenses associated with deductibles and copayments.

For more information, read the Membership FAQs.

Choose the Best Membership for You

Annual Fees: Annual membership fees are $66 for a single membership; $101 for a family membership. The average cost of an emergency ambulance transport is $731.
Eligibility: The Plan covers ambulance transports originating and ending in Pinellas County by Sunstar ambulance units only. The Membership does not cover transports via Sunstar’s Mental Health Transport Van. The Family Membership Plan covers family members related by blood, adoption, or marriage who permanently reside in the same household as the primary member.
Coverage: If you have insurance, membership will cover the costs that would typically be your responsibility such as deductibles and/or copays. The membership plan will also cover 50 percent of the cost for any trips denied for non-covered charges by the insurance company. If plan members are uninsured, they receive a 20 percent discount on ambulance transportation services.
Coverage period: New member coverage: Completed applications with payment in full, received prior to the end of the calendar year, will be effective on January 1st. Completed applications with payment in full received after January 1st, will be effective on the postmark date.
Renewal member coverage: Completed applications with payment in full, will be effective April 1st. Renewal applications must have a postmark date prior to April 1st in order to avoid an interruption of coverage.
All memberships expire on March 31st of the following year. Members whose applications/payments are received postmarked after March 31st will not have coverage for a full 12-month period. Membership fees will not be pro-rated.

How to Enroll

Enrollment: Enrollment opens Dec. 1, 2017.
Application: Call 727-582-2008 and request an application be mailed, come to our office at 12490 Ulmerton Road, in Largo to pick-up an application, or click here to fill out the form.

Mail forms with check or money order to:
Sunstar EMS Billing
P.O. Box 31074
Tampa, FL 33631-3074

Special Note

Medicaid has established criteria for ambulance transports that our office must adhere to in order to file a claim. Eligibility for Medicaid does not guarantee that Medicaid will pay for a patient’s ambulance services. Questions regarding Medicaid’s criteria should be referred to the patient’s local Medicaid Office. Transports resulting from a motor vehicle accident will require the patient to complete an automobile insurance information form that will be mailed by Sunstar Paramedics. It is important to complete this form in its entirety. Once the form is returned to Sunstar, our billing team will file a claim directly with the customer’s insurance carrier. The customer’s account will then be placed on hold to allow ample time for the insurance company process the claim. The remaining balance will be billed to the customer.