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Clinical Services


Educating Our Community

Sunstar Paramedics’ Training Center offers a variety of AHA and NAEMT courses to not only meet the educational needs of our healthcare providers, but to the citizens of the Tampa Bay area as well. As active clinicians in the field, all of Sunstar’s instructors are on the front lines and cutting edge of allied health education. All of our instructors are highly experienced and credentialed to teach the most up to date information. Click here for more information about the classes we offer.

Our Clinical Services Department was very honored to receive the State of Florida’s EMS Educator of the Year Award for 2017.


Knowledge to Save Lives

At Sunstar, we understand the importance of training and education to maintain the quality of service that we provide. Our EMTs and Paramedics complete 30 hours of continuing medical education per year, including classes in advanced cardiac life support, pediatrics and international trauma life support. In these courses, our staff members learn the newest skills and protocols, as well as refresh and strengthen their basics. Additionally, our EMTs and Paramedics can choose to pursue Critical Care Transport Training or Communication Center Continuing Education.  Our Critical Care Program provides employees a career option in EMS that is different from working on conventional ambulances. By becoming a member of our CCT team, our employees advance their knowledge and scope of practice. Click here for more information on Critical Care Transports. System Status Controllers (SSCs) receive Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE) every other month under the direction of the Communications Training Officer. The training is provided in both a classroom and self-study format. Our CDEs meet the criteria of the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch for EMD re-certification. Click here for more about our SSCs.

Continuing Medical Education

As part of our commitment to education, we play an important role in the Pinellas County Continuing Medical Education (CME) Steering Committee. Using data collected from Quality Assurance Reviews, audits of Patient Care Reports, and changes in emergency medical services and other medical protocols that require new training, the committee works with the Pinellas County Medical Director to improve the quality of CME for Pinellas County EMS providers. The committee also develops educational programs as required by the state of Florida and Pinellas County in order for our staff to attain or retain certifications such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Educational Partnership

Sunstar and SPC are working together to prepare the next generation of EMTs and Paramedics. Students in SPC’s EMT and Paramedic programs ride with our teams in order to gain field experience before graduation, which means that graduates are better prepared for their lifesaving futures.

Quality Assurance

Sunstar follows a comprehensive quantity assurance program which integrates directly with our education and training programs. We review calls for adherence to medical standards, track and trend data and provide direct feedback to our clinicians. This allows us to measure our medical performance over time, respond to recognized tendencies and chart educational pathways for the future.