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Communications Center

Sunstar Paramedics is widely recognized for operating one of the best dispatch centers in the world.  There are only a handful of emergency dispatch centers globally that have earned the highly acclaimed Accredited Center of Excellence Award from the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch, and Sunstar Paramedics just happens to be one.

What makes Sunstar so unique is that experienced EMTs and Paramedics staff our call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These highly skilled professionals can be counted on to provide expert step-by-step critical care instructions to ensure patients receive the highest level of care “over the phone” even before an ambulance arrives.

Our call center team also has access to the most advanced technologies available today. Through our Automatic Vehicle Locator system, we are able to track our ambulances in real time. This allows us to dispatch the nearest Paramedic team to any emergency situation. That effort is further aided by our electronic Geographic Information System, which analyzes and interprets vast amounts of data to help us predict which areas of the county have the greatest potential for needing an emergency response team.

This is why you may sometimes see an ambulance parked at your grocery store or neighborhood shopping center. When an emergency strikes, we know every second counts. Sunstar uses this highly sophisticated computer modeling data to help us determine where exactly to position our ambulances across the county to provide the fastest emergency response times each and every day.