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Field Operations

EMTs, Paramedics, and Nurses

Sunstar’s EMTs, Paramedics and nurses are skilled professionals who provide high-quality emergency care to every patient we serve. From applying a splint to a broken finger to administering advanced life support, you can count on our emergency professionals to provide expert, compassionate care. And because our EMTs, Paramedics and nurses must regularly complete rigorous continuing educational requirements, the care our patients receive is always in line with the medical community’s most up-to-date protocols and best practices.


Our ambulances are always fully stocked with the equipment and supplies necessary to provide the highest level of care.  Sunstar’s ALS ambulances contain advanced procedure equipment, heart monitors, medications and other supplies necessary to provide lifesaving emergency care to those we serve.

Server-linked laptops in each ambulance relay vital information about a patient’s condition to the hospital during transit. A heart monitor reading, for example, will appear in real time at the destination hospital before the patient does. This allows doctors and nurses at the hospital to prepare for the patient’s arrival while also helping to ensure that patients receive a consistently high level of care.

A team of skilled mechanics also works full time to maintain, service and repair our ambulances keeping our fleet in top condition. Sunstar’s ambulances are replaced, on average, every five years to ensure that they have the best technology and equipment to care for patients.

Specialty Services

We provide specialized services such as community standby, perinatal transport and tactical support to area police. For more information on these services, please click the links above.

Our Ties to the Pinellas County Community

  • All of our EMTs and Paramedics receive their Continuing Medical Education (CME) through our Education Department in partnership with the Pinellas County Office of the Medical Director (OMD) .
  • We work closely with All Children’s Hospital to provide world-class care to infants and children. For more information about our partnership with All Children’s Hospital, click here.
  • Our Materials Management department supplies the entire Pinellas County first responder system with vital lifesaving materials and equipment. You can find more information about Materials Management here.