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Fleet Maintenance

Our ambulances are a critical component of our service. They must be up-to-date, and they must always be in good repair. To be absolutely sure that our ambulances are always ready to serve the Pinellas County community, Sunstar employs a staff of one part-time and seven full-time mechanics.

Our mechanics complete all maintenance and repair on our fleet, allowing us to be sure of the highest possible quality of work on our ambulances. As a result, our units are safe, reliable and available to meet both normal and extraordinary demands.

We work hard to determine the best ways to care for our ambulances so that they can help care for our patients. To determine the best interval for oil changes, for example, we contracted with a vehicle performance research company to run ambulances on a track for extended periods. The results determined that a 5,000-mile oil change interval was appropriate. To exceed these requirements, Sunstar EMS performs the service every 4,000 miles.