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Materials Management

Have you ever wondered how an ambulance gets stocked with everything it needs, or how EMTs and Paramedics always manage to have exactly the right supplies for every emergency?

At Sunstar, the answer is our outstanding Materials Management Department. Tasked with restocking the disposable supplies and equipment on every ambulance, the committed Materials Management staff enables Sunstar’s EMTs, Paramedics, and nurses to provide the best possible care to Pinellas County’s residents and visitors.

How Does Materials Management Work?

We use a “speed loader” system to make sure that supplies and equipment are always correctly stocked and replaced on each ambulance. Essential supplies geared for specific emergencies are heat sealed in plastic and strategically placed into specific compartments inside the ambulance. When the ambulance returns from a call, if the seal of a supply pack is broken, the entire package is immediately replaced with a complete set of new and sterile supplies. The unused items are inventoried and repackaged accordingly for later use. If a supply container’s seal is not broken, it quickly signals to our team that the items do not need to be replaced.

It’s a simple and elegant solution to the supply problems that sometimes occurred when ambulance teams had to rely solely on memory when have to quickly decide which items in an ambulance to restock. Our system is so efficient that people from around the nation visit to see how we do it.

In addition to properly restocking the ambulances, we wash them at the end of each shift and check to make sure that they are in good operating condition. We also retrieve and clean backboards and related equipment from local hospitals so that they can be rapidly returned to the system.

As part of our contract with Pinellas County, our Materials Management Department manages EMS supply distribution for the entire county first responder system. We take our responsibility to purchase, store, and distribute advanced life support equipment seriously.