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Child Passenger Safety

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Avoid walking into Danger

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Don’t be a Distracted Driver

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Sunstar’s campaign to help Pinellas stay safe on the road
and in daily life.

Don’t be the victim of a preventable tragedy. Here are helpful tools and tips from your local Sunstar safety experts on how to avoid emergency situations on the road and in real life.

Check back often for seasonal safety guides and essential emergency preparedness information for Pinellas County, or visit our Facebook page.

Sunstar Safety Resources

Checklists | advice | how to guides: This is what every emergency responder wants you to know.

  • Safely Sharing the Road with Non-Motorists View
  • Check for Safety: A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults View
  • Sunstar Emergency Information Sheet View
  • Fireworks safety in spotlight after high-profile injuries View
  • Who could forget a baby? It’s easier than you think.View
  • May is National Bike Month. Be safe! View
  • Preventing playground falls and injuries View
  • Safety is key to fun at the beach View
  • New Florida law increases age for car seats View
  • Gift guide for children: Tips for finding safe toys View
  • Staying safe on the road in the dark View
  • Treats, not tricks: avoiding Halloween scares View
  • Preparing for the inevitable: an emergency situation View
  • Child passenger safety View
  • Sharing the road with emergency vehicles… View
  • Top 25 most dangerous intersections… View
  • Every parent should have this talk with their teen drivers… View

Sunstar Safety Tweets

Up to the minute safety alerts, news and tips.

  • StayAlertPinCoTeens are more likely to get into car accidents w/ other teens in the car. Talk w/ your teens about safe driving & set limits for passengers
  • StayAlertPinCoCell phones aren’t the only distraction for teen drivers. Other teens in the car can distract them from the road.
  • StayAlertPinCoRT @AAASafety: 36% of teen crash deaths occur between 9pm-5am. Talk to your teen driver about safety on the road! Learn more:…
  • StayAlertPinCoCar crashes are the #1 cause of death for teens 15-18 y.o. Talk to teens about #safedriving & dangers on the road
  • StayAlertPinCoWhile you have more control over safety at home, there are many things you can do to reduce risk of falls outdoors