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Three Sunstar Paramedics employees honored by Pinellas County

May 10th, 2017 |

Sunstar Paramedics’  employees David L. Sims II, Reilly Nolan, and Richard Sherman receive top honors

LARGO, Fla. (May 09, 2017) – Three Sunstar Paramedics employees have been recognized by Pinellas County for outstanding service to the community. David L. Sims II was named Paramedic of the Year, Reilly Nolan was honored as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) of the Year, and Richard Sherman was recognized as Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Dispatcher of the Year.

“David, Reilly and Richard are great role models for the quality service and patient care we strive to provide,” said Sunstar Paramedics’ chief operating officer Mark Postma. “We’re proud of their hard work, and we’re pleased that the Commissioners have chosen to honor them.”

David L. Sims II was honored as Paramedic of the Year for his passion for patient care and training. In 2016, Sims responded to a call about a woman who was having complications during labor. Sims and his partner quickly realized that the woman had a prolapsed umbilical cord. The umbilical cord delivers oxygen to the baby, and a prolapsed cord presses against the baby’s body during delivery, which can cut off the oxygen supply. Sims was able to delay the baby delivery while they transported the woman to the hospital for an emergency cesarean section. Sims’ quick recognition and immediate treatment allowed the woman to safely deliver the baby.

Since Sims joined Sunstar in 2009, he has steadily advanced into his current position as assistant field supervisor and provides essential training and guidance to newer employees and St. Petersburg College EMS students.

Reilly Nolan was recognized as EMT of the Year for his commitment to safety and promoting a positive image in the emergency medical field. Since joining Sunstar as an EMT in 2015, Nolan has been promoted to a preceptor and was selected to join the Safety Officer Program, where he promotes high quality provider and patient safety. Nolan has also participated in many community outreach initiatives, including the Great American Teach-In and the South Florida Leadership Training Conference, and taught community classes for hands-only CPR. Nolan also serves as a member of the Sunstar Honor Guard Team.

Richard Sherman was named EMD of the Year for his dedication to leading and coordinating unit communications in Sunstar’s Communications Center. In August 2016, Sherman was on duty when a tropical storm caused Bayonet Point Hospital in Hudson to lose power and evacuate over 300 patients. Sherman seamlessly coordinated mutual aid and all activities of Pinellas County units at the incident scene over the course of seven hours. His performance displayed what a unified Communications Center and dedicated employees can accomplish, and how to uphold the high standards of performance set forth by Sunstar and the Pinellas County Fire Department. Sherman, who is also a paramedic and assistant supervisor, has worked at Sunstar’s Communications Center as an EMD call-taker and system status controller since 1998.

The awards were presented to each honoree at the Pinellas County Board of Commissioners meeting on May 9, 2017.